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  • Saudi Arabia Head Office


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Securing financial independence and securing sustained growth

Golden Pipes is at work for your future

Presenting practical workable solutions

Golden Pipes is a specialised private umbrella company for project acquisition, project consultation, and project management globally. We bring workable solutions!!!

Our associate's sister companies and partners are located globally within:

  • UK & Europe in General
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • South America

Currently we propose to bring to the table a financial entity structure, in connection with our associates, which shall help us deliver assets and projects that can be immediately monetisable as an initial step forward in our working relationship start-up.


Government Consultancy

Golden Pipes offers independent financial advice for individuals and businesses. The services we provide are client led, with the goal of providing the optimum solution for all our clients.

Petroleum and General Trading

We operate as facilitators that facilitate communication between providers and consumers, ensuring that all customers are satisfied in both short and long term.

Corporate Consultancy & Finance

The key components of a successfully growing business are recognised to be, the right people, business indicators right customers and customer loyalty and advocacy ...

Industrial Consultancy

Kyle UR brings fresh thinking and practical ideas in order to deliver results for many types of Industrial developments. It may be a new development or the expansion of existing activities..